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Hi there,  so its been about a week since my last post and things are moving way too slowly for my liking. I am using a mortage originating company called OOBA. I chose to use an originator because my place of work frowns upon time off work for personal reasons and the banks here in SA are only open during office hours! I can’ t say that Ooba have been bad but its just not been the sort of no hassle experience I was expecting. I first made contact with an account manager who then referred me to one of her agents.The agent when off on a 2 week vacation on Friday so I am now dealing with a 3rd person at the same company in 3 weeks.

This should not reallly be a problem but I can’t help feeling a little bit like a foster child being passed around and I am wondering if my interests are being looked after. Am I being overly sensitive about this?