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I’ve been sleeping at my temporary accommodation since Friday night and have to admit that apart from the rain the move went smoothly. I use a local removals guy because it just cuts the hassle and I think its worth ever cent.

I have moved quite a bit in the last few months and have learnt the following

  • Always make the bed in your bedroom first because it immediately establishes a sense of calm and belonging
  • When packing curtains at the old home slide them hooks and all from the rails that really cuts down on hanging time at the other end
  • pack an overnight back with pyjamas and toiletries and load in your car not the removal van so that you know where it is
  • Accept all help offered 🙂

So I’ve already made a booking for 1 OCT to move my stuff hopefully for the last time in quite a while to MY FIRST OWN HOME !!!!!