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In life there are some luxuries which we compromise on and some which we do not …..never ever under any circumstances. One such non-negotiable for me is quality bed linens. I am quite a tactile person so I would imagine that adds to my love of good sheets. Being a single gal my colour of choice is white linen. Not only because it gives any room the boutique hotel feel but also it allows me to play with the other colours used in the room and change-up my decor without having to invest in basics that will co-ordinate.

I own some lovely 350 thread count sheets bought on sale at @Home about 3 years ago and can honestly say they just get softer and softer and more lovely after each wash . While on the subject of washing …. I was warned off white linen because it’s a hassle but I disagree. My secret is that every  third wash I do a hot wash with a little Vanish Crystal White added because I abhor greying whites! I can also admit to my bed being invaded by my sister’s children and her 5-year-old telling me that “it’s like sleeping in a cloud.”

However as happy as I am with my sheets I am lusting after this company‘s products. A close friend recently purchased some linens and is very happy with the products and the service received.

Sleep tight !