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So I seem to be stuck in the fabric zone at the moment because my musings on linen have progressed to thoughts about curtains. Currently all the windows of the new house have old style wooden pelmets. I was reading some interesting fabric facts here  and else where on the blog.

Now I realise many of you my be thinking “hey curtains are old school ! Bring on the blinds” so having said that I admit to the value and functionality of a blind in a specific area but I have always enjoyed the sumptuous feel the right curtain can give to a room. By the right curtain I mean colour, style, fabric and size and lets not de-value the importance of hanging it correctly.

Currently I own about 4 Beige seedcloth drops which I bought from @home back in 2009 and then an assortment of inherited curtains ( read floral , net and old) because my old flat had the tiniest windows with the weirdest placement that the only option was blinds ! I bought some fabric blinds from Mr Price Home which worked a treat and held up well.

I have heard it said that the curtain rail is like “eyeliner to a room” so I guess that would make the curtains the eyelashes?

There are so many different options / products when it comes to curtains rails I am currently unsure if I want eyelet, tabs or what ! Any suggestions?