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I cannot wait to get into my new place to take some pictures for the blog but sadly we will need to wait until October. Now the bathroom is in surprisingly good shape for something as old but sadly has no shower. My super handy father devised a plan to install an over the bath shower. This comes as a huge relief because a long relaxing soak is one thing but a quick shower is more the order of the day in this girl’s life.

Just today over the traditional family lunch we had a bit of a brain storming session because the layout of the room does not allow for a shower curtain rail. I know there are many people who are against shower curtains but I quite like them because they add an instant shot of color and personality in most bathrooms but that also depends ons the design you choose. So sadly no shower curtain for me but a sheer glass panel.

I have also been thinking how can I inject a shot of spa like zen into a crazy turquoise tile pattern situation .My dream has always been fluffy white bath towels and I am starting to think this is going to be the ideal opportunity to invest in some of those. I’m also toying with the idea of monogrammed towels … cliché or luxe?

Let me know what your thought on bath towels are………