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Friday afternoon was my first ever visit to a lawyer’s office. I was met by a lady named Marietjie Keller , from Conradie Inc who took me step by step through the legal jargon of the bond registration as well as the transfer documents and patiently explained all the conditions and legal jargon within the contracts.

We were later joined by a friendly elderly gentleman lawyer named Poffie Conradie who took the role of notary and authenticated the documents.  I initialed what felt like hundreds of pages but am relieved that the process has progressed to this point quite smoothly.

Now the paperwork has been sent to the deeds office for processing but this can take a while because the house I have bought is part of the deceased estate of the gentlemen owners late wife. There is now nothing further which I can do to speed the process except wait patiently. Heres hoping that things happen quickly so that I do not have to pay occupational rent .

Have a great Monday ! XO