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Today at work I walked past a colleague and their cologne immediately triggered a memory of a long ago acquaintance. Said fragrance was Issey Miyake Eau Bleu if memory serves me correctly.This obviously sparked a mini mental reminiscence about said person and then morphed into an idea for my dressing table. Like all girls I love not only  that which is pretty but that which smells good too. Although perfume is a very personal thing there is something very special about receiving perfume as a gift.

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However not only is there the debate for some about Eau de Toilette ( my choice) or eau de parfum but also storing it correctly . I was very diligent about keeping it away from sunlight and heat etc but am toying with the idea of a little tray …. maybe mirror or silver? Any thoughts on this? I think a visit to an antique market is on the cards.

Have a lovely weekend filled with fun and laughter ! XO