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Along with all the 500 other random expenses that crop up with home buying various insurances are also needed. First up you need Home OwnersInsurance which is for the physical building and forms part of your bond. I love how people will cavalierly say “oh its cheap it’s like R100 per month .” In my book its R1200 per year which I could have used to have a spa day or purchase something pretty ! And I hate the fact that I didn’t really have much choice in the matter.

Then you also need Life Insurance to cover the outstanding amount on the bond. My personal feeling on this matter is that in the event of my death I have no dependants and no family who are financially dependant on me but I am legally required to have this. This is an additional R180 per month  in my case which equates to 2200 approx per year…. now that could buy a spa weekend ! To make matters even worse for Life Insurance they require a blood test and I have a fear of needles ! Then to top all this I still have car insurance to pay !  Well annoyed is what I am feeling today .