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So last night was my first night in my new home, and today was spent further unpacking. I think its best if i Introduce you to one room at a time. The full horror that is the main bedroom cannot really be seen in these pics but then again an empty room can be quite depressing …. not to mention the blinds. The walls are currently painted in a glossy egg-shell enamel .They look a lot better since being washed down with a sugar soap solution but my hands are itching to get painting.

The carpet looked a lot better after it being washed. I was stunned by the result but the carpet is ancient and will need replacing soon. A Wetrok machine was used and luckily it was a super warm and sunny day with a breezy afternoon so my carpets were dry in a flash .

And these are a few after.  The bedroom has many shortcoming such as the apparent lack of a wardrobe, wall plugs …. as in it has none (yes the bedside lamp is purely ornamental at this stage) No art on the walls except for the lone wicker heart which I hang from a picture hook which had been left but the previous owner.

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The bed is a thrift store find but the mattress I purchased new . In a later post I will share the full saga of the bed !Alas the candles are not for a romantic evening  but rather my trusted sandalwood aromatherapy candles as the house still has a weird smell even after all the washing and scrubbing. For those who are linen junkies such as myself the sheets are 250 tpi from @home which I bought on sale last year. The scatter cushions are from Sheet Street and the side table is an imbuia table I bought from a second-hand furniture dealer and painted in a matt black. It really makes the linen fold edging on the table top stand out … however the photo does not do it justice !  Have a fab evening !!!xoxo