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So a while ago I posted about the lavender slips I was cultivating for my garden. Well the garden definitely is a miss of overgrown shrubs , a few lovely scented roses and even a rockery. So there is nothing like taking a saw and hacking off the offending plants. As the budget is already stretched to the max this month I decided to put my back into it and just Do it myself. I did get some help from my mom and friend Dalena. So as this picture shows there was also some serious weeding to be done. And pruning to the be done the hibiscus and the chinese maple which sadly I did not take a before picture of.

So my dream for this piece of garden is a lovely lush lawn ( not so water wise I know) and then a lavender hedge running along the wall. So this is the attempt to get that going. Its been very hot today so they do seem a bit droopy but to give them the best possible chance I planted them with a dose of bone meal worked into the soil and then after watering well I dosed them in Kelpak ! Now I do love Seagrow but the smell is not that great so lets give the kelpak a fair chance. I also blunt cut the lavender plants removing all the flowers . I then divided these into slips which I am cultivating in a planter . The slips where all then dosed with some seradix to aid root development.  Here hoping my garden takes shape soon ! xo