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So this week was back to work after a short break and the moving and we started at the deep- end with examinations, lectures and piles of marking no blackberry service etc. so sadly this little home and  blog were sorely neglected.

Luckily it wasn’t all work and no play ! I had a 20cm lizard come inside and visit and he/she seemed to know their way around the house and then let themselves out through the open window. I also had an unwelcome spider come in but lets just say he wasn’t quite as welcome as “the Lizzy”

I had unwelcome visitor on bin collection day who thought my lawn was the right spot to take squat and relieve himself  … this definitely puts the fencing situation far higher on the priority list than it was before. Oh and lets not forget the discarded blinds and curtain rails which he helped himself too.

Tomorrow I will be receiving the final quotes for my electrical situation as my home is not certified as compliant . Have a great Friday !! xo