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Any Diva worth her salt has to have a few luxuries in her life because without those this Diva certainly will wilt !! Besides Chocolate and daily doses of inspiration of pretty etc this Diva needs her nails to be sorted. Now for a confession…… I’m a chronic nail biter, its part bad habit but also stress aggravates it and  people who moan at me about the habit really aggravate it ! So as an adult a serious respect and necessity for an acrylic overlay was cultivated.

Sadly my nails do grow really fast so this necessitates a fill every two weeks done by the wonderful Lynn. Visit her website here. Besides the brilliant job which Lynn does her staff who have helped me out in a pinch also deliver outstanding work.  This has led to me being extremely disappointed when due to circumstances I have had to frequent other Nails salons. Now I totally respect the acrylic vs gel nails debate but no matter what product we try a plain acrylic overly just works best for me. Yes there is always the risk of infection but a reputable salon which maintains hygiene really reduces this risk and a regular salon visit will also identify anything suspect happening with your nails. Then of course wearing gloves for doing dishes and also when gardening along with lashings of  hand cream on a regularly basis will also prolong the life of you manicure! XO