Since my Blackberry went over to the dark side, alienating me from most forms of modern communication, I decided to embrace the ol’ school way of doing and put pen to paper.  The first home diva graciously allowed me to use her blog to do that in…she’s cool like that.

I am no diva and I do not own a house, neither a flat nor any kind of permanently fixed structure. All the plants I’ve ever owned…died and “thread count” is a term my sheets use in vulgar when gossiping about Delphine’s sheets.  DIY, gardening and interior decorating is as far from me as beating Usain Bolt in the upcoming London Olympics.

So what do I know…?  Honestly …..Not much.

I know sometimes life’s a bitch, sometimes life is the epitome of awesomeness and
sometimes life is just average. I know it’s in the no-man’s-land between that we have to make our way in the world. That is what life is about…to
learn, to grow, to experience and maybe even to find the answer to the big
question…or find the question to the big answer. Who knows?

Baby steps, Rome wasn’t built in a day, life’s not about the destination but about the journey, are all such worn out clichés about life but off course a cliché isn’t called
that for no reason…more often than not, it is actually true. But let’s not get philosophical, it sounds like too much effort.

Ellen DeGeneres wrote a book entitled “My point…and I do
have one”.  She’s lucky because I’m not so sure that I have one…   I’m just here
for some friendly banter about the ups and downs, ins and outs of life as we know it…