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Due to certain circumstances I have been spending quite a few weekends in Johannesburg over the last 6 or 7 months . On average I have been flying up every 3 weeks so I have been thoroughly exposed to most of the local low-cost carriers. So today I would like to take the time to share my impression of the service received.

Let me begin by saying that so far Mango is my favorite favorite. They have always been on time and the service has been great when compared with the others .Their website works well and thus Mango gets my vote every time!

1 Time has been delayed on practically every flight I’ve ever had with them.One Sunday evening it was so bad that we were delayed by almost 3 hours. That meant that my 18:00pm flight only left Johannesburg at 21:00pm which meant I only got to Worcester after 24:00 . As a girl driving alone this is not ideal at all. I then sent them feedback on this experience via their website and to this day have not even received a response.

Velvetsky has consistently been hard to beat on fares but they too are appalling when it comes to time keeping. The planes are clearly that of a low-budget airline and you tend to land in what feels like the Siberia of OR Tambo and then travel a good 10 minutes by bus to the terminal. However I am flying them later this month.

I have yet to fly Kulula as one of the other airlines ,even BA on occasion, have mostly beat their fares.

On two separate occasions I have had the opportunity to Fly SAA and British Airwayson the Cape Town – Jhb  route. In both instances the experience was superior but sadly the cost always plays a role when booking the flights.