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These are apparently totally against the law

Okay so the beautiful chaos that is the electrical situation continues. Big yay for the small things in life. but back to the business at hand: Day 2 This was mostly spent on the electric wall sockets  aka wall plugs. Note to all double plugs are the way forward.

The new stuff are the electrical meter on the right and the municipal gadget used to cut off your geyser during peak time.

Also the electrical contractors identified the dangers of my distribution box being on the outside so the decision was made to swap it into the house. How ever as a cost cutting measure we elected to simple turn it around.

This is also a kinda vintage DB (electrician speak for distribution box) that I was rocking. So most of the day was spent getting the new safe wires from the plugs to this point via all those pipes which were cut into the wall. So really there wasn’t much to see on the outside but it sure was awesome to come home and see the covers on the wall boxes of the plugs.
Have a nice evening!!! xoxo