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I’m not the world’s most organised girl but I do see the value of a list and there is nothing as satifying as crossing things off . So I decieded to list 10 things which I would like to cross off list by 1 January 2012

1. Sort garden services to mow my lawn on a schedule.

2. Prime the raw plaster from the electrical work.

3. Do something to my kitchen dresser to give it some personality. Paper ? Decopage? Paint?

4. Paint the bathroom walls and trim a nice. crisp white.

5. Make a decision on the shower curtain situation.

6. Hang pictures on the walls.

7. Weed the front lawn .

8. Give the house some Xmas cheer for the festive season.

9. Have my beige bedroom curtains laundered as they are super dusty from the wall cutting.

10. Set a date to .have some sort of housewarming party.

Will keep you posted on my progress! XOXO