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On Saturday morning I was up just before 5 to visit the Farmer’s Market in Pretoria. I will admit to quite a few moments of self-doubt and inner dialogue along the lines of ” this better be good because if it’s not I won’t forgive myself ” To further fuel my doubts we woke up to sunshine in the Modderfontein area but encountered misty weather en-route to Pretoria. 

Was I pleasantly surprised !!!!! Not only was there a lot of fresh produce available but also various traditional dishes such as the ever comforting “melkkos” but baked goodies to ! In my opinion I would say the prices where reasonable and the quality was good. Let’s not forget that there was plenty of handmade decor items for indoor and outdoor spaces too. What added to the ambiance was the relaxed atmosphere. People had brought their dogs along .

Was it worth the precious sleep that was sacrificed? YES , definately . If you would like more info you can visit the website here for directions etc. Hope you had a great weekend too.