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Okay I know that the powder room is still rather dreary but it has come a long way. It started off looking something like this on moving in day .

In attempt to improve the appearance I installed a new seat which made it look like this . Minor improvements at this stage were the removal of the curtains left by the previous owner aswell as the pedestal mat. Once I had removed the curtains I realised that the window is off centre . The ceramic toilet bowl was cracked and thus a little DIY replacement was needed.

My super handy dad installed a new loo for me with the help of a labourer in one day. However a new loo presented new problems in the looks department. Since we installed what is called a quick coupling unit and to avoid having to chop up the entire floor and re-jig the drain configuration the new loo now stands about 10cm away from the wall. This really puzzles guests ! In this picture you can easily see where the old cistern was attached to the wall. Also we had to remove the linoleum flooring . That was no loss as the linoleum was well worn and would have needed replacing eventually anyway.

This past holiday I then proceeded to paint the room in white but the painting was a process as the entire house had been painted in enamel paint I first need to apply a universal undercoat and then only can I apply a water based paint . I used Prominent paints universal undercoat and then Plascon Roofseal in white on the walls. The floor I painted with a house brand of my local hardware stores plaster primer. The floor then got this interesting distressed effect which wasn’t intended but I LIKE!! So I am living with it for a while because I am unsure if I just want to seal it and leave it or continue with what I was actually trying to achieve  which was a glossy white floor with a dramatic black detail painted on it.

It currently looks like this. The turquoise mat was R39.99 at Sheet Street , the labour was R120,00 , the toilet was R399.99 from Builderswarehouse, miscellaneous plumbing fixtures were R150 ,00 and the cement was R 83,00 per bag. The paint was left over from various other projects bringing the project TOTAL = R792.99 Of course I dream of having a handwash basin installed and a nice mirror and maybe some stripes on the wall but for now its a little improved in my opinion. xo