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The lamp shade which I initiallly bought for the White room , formerly know as the PINK room has found a new home due to two events.

The crack and a bit of chipped plastic inner are clearly visibly along the top of the shade

1) the lampshade which was on my bedside cabinet fell and the plastic lining inside cracked. This shone through clearly when the light was switched on and there is enough ” grot factor ” in this house. To add a tacky lampshade into the mix is suicide for my emotional wellbeing.

2)My local Mr Price Home branch had some lampshades and lamp bases on clearance.

So I bought this new base for R60.00 reduced from R189.00 !!!! There are some days on which grace is bestowed on a shopping mission and a budget by a higher power indeed.

When the light is switched onWhich is slight higher and combined with the white faux ostrich leather shade originally intended for the pink room I think it is a much better match on my bedside due to the height of the base and its proportion in relation to the shade !But fear not the old beside lamp was treated to a new shade and now has a new home in my living room .

It’s these little bits of progress which make my heart sing !