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It seems to me that Life and DIY are always vying against one another for our time and resources. As most people already know DIY can be trying, tiring, very satisfying and creative but also at times a very lonely road. I have had to review my entire renovation plan because of a spat of burglaries in my town which has necessitated me to prioritize fencing. I currently don’t really have the funds for the fencing and the fencing itself is not a DIY project for me because a) I don’t have the knowledge or tools and b) I have had 2 burglaries in 3 months so this is a serious situation.

The best solution is going to be raising the vibercrete between myself and the neighbours to the rear end of the house ( I have a corner house) and replacing the flimsy low fence between myself and the other neighbour. {Yes , I do hate vibercrete but desperate times …… } Then have palisade fencing and an electric gate fitted to the two street  front sides. Price ? even if it was 5 rand that would have been too much because my ideal was to actually get the house painted inside and out this year which was something I could do gradually and budget permitting. So now its time to put a moratorium on all unneccessary spending and start getting quotes to get this perimeter problem sorted. Have a great week !