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My kitchen got a little bit of cheer yesterday when I had new blinds installed.The old ones had faulty mechanisims and there little ropes had frayed too. On Friday afternoon when I went to check out my local Sheet Street branch for a mirror ,my eye caught some reduced blinds. Sized 1m wide and 1.2 m long priced at R139.99 Not knowing the exact measurements of my windows I took a chance and bought them. The cashier assured me that if the sizes were not right I could return them in the original packaging and be refunded in full. Once I got home I found they were 3 cm to wide and I prefer blinds which fit inside the window so I went off to exchange them.

The helpful lady at Sheet street could see y disappointment and then said that she would gladly exchange them but they can be trimmed. She even then gave me the number of a customer who said he could trim and  install blinds. However she did stress that she could not vouch for his work. Well the job turned out super successful ! The blinds are perforated aluminium so they block the sun and glare but my kitchen is no longer dark because plenty of diffuse light still gets through ! I love my new blinds and feel totally inspired ! Thanks to the Ladies at Sheet Street Mountain Mill branch you guys are always super helpful !