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I have a guest room which was and still is super depressing but change is coming !! The room is a lovely sunny and very bright room so I decided I could op for something a bit darker on the walls than I normally would chance. So I opted to use Plascon’s Ravine. The colour is actually more saturated than I expected it to be but I am loving it.

However before that could begin I needed to do some serious prep work on the walls. I needed to remove lots of loose peeling paint which revealed that once upon a time the room had been painted light blue, darker blue, green and  then quite a few layers of yellows white. All in gloss enamel of course. so I scraped walls for what felt like forever and did crack filling and then sanding. Prep is boring but oh so important. Then Sunday  I woke up and realised that I needed some painting therapy and got stuck in. Painting it the wonderful for thinking through things !

And currently the room is almost finished but I will need to do the final coat this coming weekend.  Oh the things that make a DIY heart happy . Have a fabulous Monday !