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While living in my first flat I bought myself a small LG 1400 watt vacuum cleaner which was well suited to the flat and my budget at the time  but not so well suited to the house. The poor old dame tends to over heat after 5 minutes of continuous use and this is not desirable when your time to clean is limited and obviously not your favorite pastime. 

However I have learnt a few lessons about appliances and the process of buying them. The first one is that one should ask around. Ask the sales staff and more importantly ask your friends and family for advice. Obviously everyone has something to say but some of it really can be valuable. My questions led me to two important elements to consider : a) does it use a bag and also is the filter washable or does it need replacing  b) the wattage . The bigger the motor the more suction power which leads to a deeper clean. 

So keeping these in mind I headed off to the store and decided on an AEG/Electrolux model .It has a HEPA filter system which is washable and a dust canister which can be emptied thus no bag. It came in under a grand so I was happy ! It was a bit quieter than my old machine and the amount of dust and dirt it removed from the carpets was astonishing when compared to my old machines ability!