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Due to total frustration at nothing really moving I upped my game and decided to get a painter in for 3 days to sort my living room and passage . Initially I had held back on painting these because the wall has a weird textured finish but I came to the conclusion that the budget was never going to allow for a re-plastering job. After the inner turmoil of having to meet myself half way and just go with a paint job I decided a flat white was what the passage and living room needed. I know white has been done to death but i believe that once the oregan pine floors get sanded and sealed they will bring enough warmth to the room. So back when I moved in this was the living room on the first day. The curtains and the pelmets went immediately but the full sadness of that room cannot be captured on a photo. The walls were all painted in a gloss enamel which looked nicotine stained but where actually just old!

Then after adding in my furniture and changing to curtain rods  it started to look a bit more like a place I could call home. I jigged the furniture around quite often because the longer I live here the more I learn how I live in the space. The orange phase is since done and dusted so those cushions have been removed and the TV is now on a different table and the pictures have been moved elsewhere and a weird bendy lamp has found a home here and so it continues but today the paint job has begun and a few tweaks which will be revealed soon. Have a good week !