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There is nothing quite like a move to motivate a good de – junking session. I’m genetically inclined to hoard stuff since I come from a long line of hoarders. When I made the decision to move I had to take a long hard look at what I really wanted to take along. After serious de – junking on numerous occasions I did whittle my possessions down considerably and now enjoy my house even more because suddenly I don’t have to deal with over full cupboards etc.

My action plan was to ask the following questions : Do I love this ? (not like but love) , Have I used this article in the last year ?, Does it serve a purpose ?

For clothing I went with these,: Have I worn it in the last year? , Does it fit?, Does it look worn and washed out? , Do I still even like this?

I found that I needed to put sentiment aside. Gifts weren’t given with the intention to become a mill stone around my neck so I just let things go. Sometimes the pile at the front door looked like this :

And other times more like this:


I’d recommend a good de-cluttering to everyone and remember sometimes I needed to go back to a cupboard or shelf more than once and culled some pieces each time.

Good Luck and enjoy !

PS: Drop the cleared stuff at the receiving charity or persons ASAP to avoid a change of heart.