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Since the room had been painted the light fixture was glaringly outdated and plainBEFORE ugly. I have fondly referred to this light fixture on the right as  the spider because it reminds me of a Daddy Long legs sans a few legs.

It seems something similar but definitely a bit more 2012 will set me back about R500 (ZAR) but fortunately my local hardware store had a bit of a stock clearance and I bought this baby for R200 (ZAR). Totally budget friendly and then nagged my brother in-law to come and install it for me as I’m a little nervous about electrical projects. So it is now the improved version as seen here on the left.

I suppose the thing with any upgrade is that it makes the next thing look shabby and then that needs replacing and so it continues 🙂 So the to do list and to buy list  for the living room is still about as long as my arm but it already looks loads better !

Enjoy your day !