Having recently moved to a new city and still job hunting I am in the fortunate position to have loads of time on my hands. There are times when that can be most depressing and others when one really can experience the freedom of not working full time.

One example was that my significant other recently started clearing the clutter in his home and I offered to sell a few of the items , which are in very good condition and which would be a shame just to throw away , using the Gumtree . I will admit that it is time consuming to create the add and then actually communicate with the buyers which can all be rather time consuming but the thrill of the sale more than compensates.

I didn’t put my phone number on the add but instead used the option for potential buyers to e-mail me as a first point of contact. I listed the neighborhood I live in but not my address and stated that items were for collection only as some people do have transport issues. Adding a photo of the item is a must !! 

One can very quickly gather from the first e-mail that a  potential buyer sends you if they are time wasters or legitimate buyers. Legitimate buyers would give contact details and want to arrange to view and possibly ask some further questions about the item  as opposed to questions about if you will deliver.

Turning clutter into cash really does inspire one to tackle that garage or closet !