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So this weekend the Significant Other decided it was time to sling on the tool belt and set about repairing some water  damage the house had suffered last winter. Apparently PE had been having more than the average winter rainfall and to make matters worse a roof leak which had never  became apparent and then the water actually then seeped into the wall. This also cause damage to the Supawood skirting, leaving it all to look like this…………………………………………….

As you can see this is not an ideal situation and even to a lesser degree in ones living room where it mocks you everyday. So it was the usual course of action in this type of situation which is a quick sand followed but some spackle (or crack filler) then a light sanding and a fresh coat of paint . Obviously observing the required drying times between events. After using all the brand name spackle/ crack filler we have actually decided that the Builders Warehouse house brand does the job just as well ! So now it all looks like this

The total work time for this project was very little but it was definitely a niggly job that was postponed due to general household laziness. So happy its done and dusted !! Have a lovely week