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I have always had a penchant for magazines because to me it’s like an escape. I do read some overseas publications online but have recently come to the conclusion that I am old-fashioned because I like nothing better than holding a magazine in my hand . I’m a tactile person after all but I am also very much in love with my Kindle for the pure joy of having my books in one place without all the clutter.
Digital subscriptions are great because they are more cost-effective, less environmental impact and accessible on your mobile device of choice. Sadly for me reading an online version of a favoured magazine just does not give that feeling of luxury and relaxation that opening a new magazine and settling down with a cup of tea does. Not to mention the smell of a new magazine… it just isn’t there in digital! So thanks to the guys at Mysubs.co.za for my trial subscription and they do have great digital bundles at very competitive prices but for now I will be sticking to print.