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My partner and I recently sat down and had one of those chats were one cannot afford the luxury of being emotional but can only be realistic and practical …. about houses, homes , properties, rentals etc

When I moved to Port Elizabeth in January this year my partner was living in a leafy suburb called Walmer but also owned a home in a more suburban neighbourhood called Lorraine. The home in Lorraine had long-term tenants who had been in there for approximately 5 years so when they moved out in april we decided to first renovate a bit before letting or selling. The reality was we just did not get round to it with the demands of work and kids etc. So last week Wednesday was move day ! In this process i learnt a few things

1) We did a pre packing purge . To facilitate this we rented a bin from a local company called Mr Bin and identified a charity shop to which we donated all useful items.

2) Estimate your boxes and then double it !

3) Be realistic . I halved our kitchen crockery and serving bowls because if we hadn’t used it in 6 months we probably wont miss it. Also ones taste changes. Some items were gifts and wedding presents from my partners first marriage but nobody gives a gift wanting it to turn into a white elephant. Let it go to where it can mean something.

4) That stash of too small clothing…. let it go while the style is still current and useful to someone else. Besides if you ever are that size again then you deserve new threads!

5) Set yourself a time limit on the packing. I started about a week before the move and have a theory that you will pack for however long the period of time is that you have.

6) Use a reputable removal company. Yes renting a bakkie and labourers is doable but making frequent trips, doing your back in and not having the correct equipment to move furniture and secure it while in transit  just ends up costing you more. Below a gallery of photos from when the tenant was still in the home.

Have a great week