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Besides being hopelessly overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done one the inside of this house we finally got around to putting up some curtain rails this weekend and the improvement from squat style cloths rigged in front of windows to curtains which can be drawn and opened neatly was inspirational .Therefore I started tackling a very annoying little problem …… a weed patch which used to be a lawn way back when . Most picture I take are with my phone but looking at these you will get a good idea of the full horror of what I am dealing with.IMG-20130805-00497 IMG-20130805-00498 IMG-20130805-00499 IMG-20130805-00500 IMG-20130805-00501 IMG-20130805-00502

I am certainly all about using chemicals sparingly and therefore am using a 3 phase attack based on what I learnt from dealing with lawn issues at my first home last year. Last week I sprayed with a product called Turfweeder with an active ingredient of APM ,then this weekend once inspired I started to manually pull out some of the larger weeds hence the plastic bags on the lawn and then as soon as we have a windless day I will spray with Banweed MPCA.

Quite aggressive but my motivation is that from next week the lawn service will commence and they will come to cut every 2 weeks. With lawn weeds you need them to have some foliage as they absorb the poison through the leaves. Thus you also do not want the lawn getting wet for a couple of hours after application. Please let me know what has worked for you in the past as I have never dealt with a lawn of this size and this amount of weeds.

The soil generally is quite sandy and large parts of the lawn have had pathways walked into them. This was cause by our tenants having 3 large dogs on the property. The yard was flea infested when we first got here and to deal with that problem we used a product called Scatter Kill. Its a powder which you spread and then mist. WE had very good results . I am considering a repeat application as our pets had fleas within a week of being herebut that could also just have been eggs that were still in the yard. However they have been treated with Capstar and the problem seems to be resolved but time will tell.

Apologies for the pics but I am no professional photographer but it certainly gives you a feel for the state of the lawn and the yard.

Have a great week !