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We had these two mummut stools from Ikea around the house which had been painted in a past life and abused by all the family as “ladders” to stand on for

IMG-20130811-00535hard to reach places and even as a low ladder for house painting

While wondering the aisles at Builders Warehouse last week I saw that Rustoleum have a spray paint specifically for plastic which retails for about R80. I selected a blue shade and immediately thought these chairs would work perfectly at a little desk for the boys room. 

As you can see from he picture above these stool had started life as pink and green then been painted red and blue respectively and general had lived the hard life.

IMG-20130812-00537As preparation I washed them both with a sugar soap solution and put them out in the sun to dry. I did thin coats and gave the coats about 20 minutes to dry as the instructions said to do a second coat before it was completely dry. I had to do about 4 coats and still need to do one or two touch ups as I had to move them indoors before they where dry to touch as it very suddenly clouded over ! 

I am not sure how they will wear but at R80 a can one can definately respray at a later stage if it becomes apparent that some more coats are needed. Actually there is still quite a bit left in the can ! Below the pic of the chairs in the room at the desk. the desk is something we had and didn’t quite have a space for until now.

IMG-20130812-00542Have a nice week !