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Our current home has quite a minimalist style but sometimes a room needs a little something. In this case the room needed furniture and some pictures for the walls but one particular wall was quite expansive and thus needed something. After spending quite some time trying to decided if I needed to paint something large or possible add furniture I gave up and just moved on and focussed my attentions elsewhere and then inspiration struck ! While driving into our car garage on Saturday I noticed the shelf next to my car and got thinking that maybe with some paint and a little TLC it would have potential,

My initial investigation made it apparent that 1) it was currently storage for a lot of junk anyway 2) it was quite rickety . So a quick chat with the man of the house and he agreed to DIY it to be a little sturdier. IMG-20131109-00626

Once he had worked his magic I gave it a wash with some sugar soap and then set about using some water based varnish to darken and even it out as one can see from the before pics it was quite colourful.

It took at least 4 full coats and then some spots got additional coats to get a consistent coverage. Once done I played around with some items we already had and it now looks like this . IMG-20131110-00629

I’m rather happy with the end result although there is still some tweaking to do !