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We have lived in our current home since July and  the last week in November we were frantically putting on the finishing touches to prepare for the Show House on Sunday. Why do we always need a deadline to get things done . I’m not talking massive renovation projects here I’m talking about little tweaks that make a huge difference.  Things which are making me love the house more . Little tweaks we have made. Tweak one – Master bedroom

1. 1 Fixed the tile grout in the en-suite – (20 m Minutes)

1.2 New linen and cushions for the bed ( 1 hour shopping time) from Mr Price HomeIMG-20131125-00647 1.3. Extra Length curtains from @Home ( 1 hour for shopping and hanging)


Curtains that are too short

Curtains that are too short

After – Extra length curtainsIMG-20131201-00656

As this photo shows we had to put the curtain rail up extra high so as not the obstruct the wardrobe doors. The window was an awkward placement and shape but it really looked very luxury especially when the curtains were drawn.

1.4. Giving the pedestal fresh coat of varnish and varnishing the sea grass drawers to the same colour. I have always disliked these pedestals but a girl’s gotta work with what is available.


1.5 Revamped old wicker chair with varnish to provide a little seating area for putting on shoes etc. It peeks out in the first photo and also provided a place to put the extra cushions at night.



Overall I am very happy how things turned out! But some lovely professional photo’s were taken and Im hoping to share those.  So the lesson I learnt from this process was not to put off doing the little things because you need to enjoy the space while living in it.

Have a great week !