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We sold our home in Port Elizabeth and the time we are spending in Cape Town may well turn out to be transitional  because we are considering all sorts of long-term lifestyle changes ……..So we decided to rent instead of buying .

The biggest challenge is adapting to a ” renter ” mind-set . It makes me mental. I sit in a rental home which at first glance seems to be in ok shape but once you live in it you realise its numerous short comings. Having owned, it is difficult to hold back and not just start renovating things or expecting irrational upgrades from the landlord. And it’s no one single big project its simple little fixes but when you sit down and make the sums it certainly doesn’t add up to a financially responsible approach to make these improvements from our own pockets.

I have also transitioned from full-time employment to a more part time/ freelance situation purely because our kids are at a stage in their lives where the value of a parent being home with them far outweighs my full-time earnings. This means that I spend far more time at home than ever before.

Have a great day?