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A while ago I read a post on a blog called http://quintessentiallyme.co.uk/ about using up the beauty products you have and it got me thinking, I wouldn’t call myself a make -up junkie or the like but with our big move coming up I realised I have loads of products which are intended for the same purposes which are half used, and things I just didn’t like using. So I set myself the goal of using the products and not doubling up on things I already have for whatever reason. Mostly because that blog post drew my attention to the haul of products cluttering up my bathroom and vanity. This process made me aware of the following,

1. Buying a bigger size because its better value is only better value if I already know I like and will continue to use the product.

2. I had quite a hoard of sample sachets …. use them don’t hoard them !

3. Sometimes even if a product didn’t quite deliver what you expected friends and family often enjoy inheriting those and may find them to be the right choice for themselves !  ( just be careful not to offend certain individuals by offering used toiletries) This frees you up to buy something you like instead and not have that slightly used item taking up bathroom space or the guilt of binning a reasonably full item !

4. I do not need 6 eyeliners in black if I only occasionally wear eyeliner ! And what is up with keeping lipsticks when the shade has never quite worked for me ? And having 4 eye makeup removers on the go ?

5. Getting rid of a hairbrush which never quite cut the mustard  and replacing it with one that does can shorten the time spent blow drying ones’ hair

6. Organization in my case has to start with de-cluttering !

These points are not unique to me but I really hope I can stick to my new approach and not get sucked into buying things I’m note entirely sure I even want to try ! My other golden rule is now that I don’t start a new product  unless I have finished the current one !

Have a lovely weekend