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My partner and I generally don’t wait long after making a decision to see it through. Late May we decided to pull the trigger on his ” home-coming / my emigration “to Australia his home country. Since making the decision and getting things in order there have been ups and downs but most interesting has been people’s reactions. Generally there are 3 camps  a) excited for us ….. b) people who want you to justify your decision ……..c) indifferent.

Obviously groups a and c have been the easiest to deal with group b however not so much. This has got me thing thinking a lot recently and made me realise a few things . Numerous families become very vitriolic about South Africa before they leave perhaps due to job losses , crime whatever negative was the motivation for their trip and group b have come to feel that they need to defend the fact that they are staying. You don’t have to . We were born here so its our right to live here ! Don’t question your decisions because they are right for your set of circumstances. People who are leaving have no right to judge those who are staying and vice versa. Each individual’s set of circumstances are different therefore their choices, opportunities  and options are different and uniquely theirs.

Am I excited about this  adventure? Yes . Am I terrified at times ? Yes