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12191456_1050387451659804_271184034381943813_n (1)Since moving to Australia and being a stay at home mom I realised I needed to get out more so I volunteered at my local Salvation Army Family Store . This has been such a great experience. I made some friends and the other volunteers are a wealth of local information and knowledge and generally just a really great bunch!  So what did I learn about Salvo’s . Op Shops  and any number of names they are known by ….


  1. Just show up . I had no retail experience .Didn’t know any locals and  I didn’t know what use I would be but I feel I have learnt so much about customer service, stock control , merchandising etc
  2. It is hard work but very satisfying
  3. It provides me with a local reference when the time comes for job applications
  4. It gives structure to my week having a set time of work
  5. No the staff don’t get first pick of what comes in . We are only allowed to shop at the end of our shift and then its also only items out on the floor. Same as everyone else.
  6. They are usually understaffed so instead of being critical of the service or merchandising VOLUNTEER!
  7. Staff can do nothing about the fact that you are looking for a specific item which they don’t have in stock  AND NO we can’t just order one in for you .


  1. Go with an open mind but be mindful of what you really would need or have use for.
  2. No they aren’t hiding the good stuff in he back .
  3. The stock is only as good as the donations received.
  4. You may feel that an item is overpriced considering it was a donation but remember a shop has running costs too!
  5. If you notice something is broken please bring this to the staff members attention as we endevour to have used but not broken/torn items for sale.
  6. Return the items you have tried on to the shelves where you find them.
  7. Just because you don’t see the items displayed that you donated last week does not mean we are ungrateful or have taken them for ourselves. They may well be sold already !
  8. Don’t underestimate the power of soap and water to rejuvenate an item.


  1. If clothing it is broken , stained, torn or stretched please bin it but if it is cotton please donate it for rag recycling
  2. Only donate electrical goods that actually work.
  3. When donating large quantities of clothing it really helps if you have put like with like
  4. Your Salvo will only be as good as the donations it receives
  5. Shoes which are still in good condition are welcome
  6. When donating bedding/Manchester it is a great help is you indicate what bed size it is.
  7. Please do not overload a bag of box to the point of tearing.
Enjoy your opportunity shopping !