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We have recently relocated and this also meant new schools for our children ! Moving interstate is never a simple decision and neither is deciding on schools . This recent process has certainly made me feel like I have something to discuss

Uniforms !!! I love the concept and even happily wore a uniform in my last job. I would even say the uniform was my favorite part of the whole experience and I value school uniforms and the role they play in our childrens’ lives.

My thoughts around school uniforms specifically are focussed on the financial aspect and also the practicality aspect.

In any home with school aged children the organising of the correct uniforms for the correct days is a pain ! However the last school we attended had a rather progressive approach … they had a uniform which was suitable for both sport and everyday wear , worn with sports shoes EVERY DAY . You did not buy a formal summer and a sports uniform and a formal winter and winter sports uniform . NO you bought ONE and to make it even more cost effective the branded school polo had the school badge on it but the trousers/shorts had no badge. For the girls there was the additional option of a skort. It was just a generic royal blue which you could purchase from any school supply store worn with generic white ankle socks and black trainers, The school polo was also a very affordable price point and unisex. Not to mention it was a dream in the laundry department because it simply was wash and wear !! The high school did however have a formal uniform which the seniors wore on school occasions such as Assembly or the Anzac day parade.

So the next time you have an opportunity to weigh- in on school uniform review please consider these points because they will enable you to spend less yet have more sets of uniforms for the week( thus less frantic midweek laundry loads) and it also allows you to pass along uniforms within your family as opposed to having to buy gender based uniforms. It will also be one less thing to keep track of because each day will be the set uniform and no sport clothes to change into at school or even wear on a specific day.

I did not appreciate this enough at the last schools ! We are now trapped in the everything badged , only available at the school at a premium type scenario !

Have a great week!