Rome wasn’t built in a day…such a profound phrase.  Career building, relationships, buying a first home and then selling it a year later, relocating, co-parenting to name just a few things that can also not be built in a day.  Recently I added one more experience to that list…Moving to a new city .  What started out to be the responsible, grownup thing to do turned out as quite an emotional and financial roller coaster ride.  Exciting at times but other times almost a bit overwhelming. 

This particular Rome is exactly what this blog is about…the ups and downs of buying a first home, renovating selling it and then moving on as life dictates.  In between I’ll share my other passion…beautiful things.  Furniture, upholstery, art, fittings, and anything relating to pretty really.  That is what inspires me!

Hopefully at the end of it all, I’ll be able to walk the walk and talk the talk of an accomplished first home DIVA!


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