Moving On


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My partner and I recently sat down and had one of those chats were one cannot afford the luxury of being emotional but can only be realistic and practical …. about houses, homes , properties, rentals etc

When I moved to Port Elizabeth in January this year my partner was living in a leafy suburb called Walmer but also owned a home in a more suburban neighbourhood called Lorraine. The home in Lorraine had long-term tenants who had been in there for approximately 5 years so when they moved out in april we decided to first renovate a bit before letting or selling. The reality was we just did not get round to it with the demands of work and kids etc. So last week Wednesday was move day ! In this process i learnt a few things

1) We did a pre packing purge . To facilitate this we rented a bin from a local company called Mr Bin and identified a charity shop to which we donated all useful items.

2) Estimate your boxes and then double it !

3) Be realistic . I halved our kitchen crockery and serving bowls because if we hadn’t used it in 6 months we probably wont miss it. Also ones taste changes. Some items were gifts and wedding presents from my partners first marriage but nobody gives a gift wanting it to turn into a white elephant. Let it go to where it can mean something.

4) That stash of too small clothing…. let it go while the style is still current and useful to someone else. Besides if you ever are that size again then you deserve new threads!

5) Set yourself a time limit on the packing. I started about a week before the move and have a theory that you will pack for however long the period of time is that you have.

6) Use a reputable removal company. Yes renting a bakkie and labourers is doable but making frequent trips, doing your back in and not having the correct equipment to move furniture and secure it while in transit  just ends up costing you more. Below a gallery of photos from when the tenant was still in the home.

Have a great week





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I while ago over coffee a friend of mine mentioned that I should visit the Pep Home store in The Bridge Shopping Centre here in Port Elizabeth. At first I thought she was mistaken and just meant the PEP Store. However it turned

out that Pep does have a dedicated home store . What a find! As with any Pep there are a large volume of items aimed at a different shopping demographic but there are some treasures to be found at very competitive


prices. My shopping style is a mix of high-end, charity shop , chain store and bargainista

So while browsing I spotted this runner on the right .
ta so I realise this is not the type of shopping experience that suits everyone

The only carpeted areas in our current home are the passage and bedrooms.Needless to say that the passage is quite a high traffic area which needs to be washed regularly to keep it looking cared for. It’s a lovely wool Berber carpet but sadly it is beige. Clearly the choice of people who live without children !

IMG-20130630-00446I decided that at the price of R 79.99 for a 200 cm x 70 cm rug which will not only complement the existing carpet but can fit into my washing machine it was definitely coming home with me !

Popping a rug into the washing machine will be a lot easier than lugging a heavy cleaning machine around and doing ones back in during the process.  So far so good as the rug  hasn’t bunched up in those annoying corner folds situations . The other very appealing thing is that the price allows me to view this a solution which I can replace or change when ever the fancy takes me.  Have a great week !

Winning Stuff


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Lucky Me ! I won some Sisley skin care products in a FAIRLADY MAGAZINE sms and win competition recently , a Nola Hamper , Froggie shoes  and have even been chosen to partake in the KiehlsSA change your skin challenge as a result of entering on the Kim Gray’s blog . Now I have to admit that I have been very lucky the last while but when someone comments to me ” Oh I never win anything ” my response is always but how often do you enter competitions or giveaways? I recently came across a one stop competition website called On this site you will find prizes ranging from cash to cars ! They seem to scour the web for online competitions for you . Click here to enterZA-website-onsite-logo

Enjoy your entries and let me know if you win anything from them ! xoxo

Winter Bedding


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Winter has arrived in Port Elizabeth and well I have bedding issues and I know I’m not alone. The whole flannel winter sheeting thing is just not for me because I wake up at night if it even remotely feels like my pyjamas and bedding are stopping me from turning over and then add to that the fact that I REALLY FEEL the cold but cannot feel weighed down in bed. So what is my solution ? I put two duvet inners into my duvet cover and secure them with big safety pins to prevent them from bunching up .Thus no heavy blankets and no blanket that slips off during the night. Result ……… a snuggly bed which is warm but still  using my light cotton bedding. Below a picture of the safety pin in the corner of the duvet inners. Sleep tight !IMG-20130531-00365

Digital Magazine Subscriptions


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I have always had a penchant for magazines because to me it’s like an escape. I do read some overseas publications online but have recently come to the conclusion that I am old-fashioned because I like nothing better than holding a magazine in my hand . I’m a tactile person after all but I am also very much in love with my Kindle for the pure joy of having my books in one place without all the clutter.
Digital subscriptions are great because they are more cost-effective, less environmental impact and accessible on your mobile device of choice. Sadly for me reading an online version of a favoured magazine just does not give that feeling of luxury and relaxation that opening a new magazine and settling down with a cup of tea does. Not to mention the smell of a new magazine… it just isn’t there in digital! So thanks to the guys at for my trial subscription and they do have great digital bundles at very competitive prices but for now I will be sticking to print.

Curtain Suspense


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Last week I headed off to The Bridge , a mall here in Port Elizabeth and popped into Sheet Street while I was there. While browsing I absolutely fell in love with some curtains I saw but wasn’t sure if the length and color would work so bought 2 packs and headed home .  So late Saturday when I finally got around to hanging them up…… surprise I needed another 8 drops. Sunday morning I headed to my local Sheet Street Branch which is located in Walmer Park Shopping Centre where a lovely lady named Neesha checked and sourced the drops in East London ! I cannot wait for them to arrive . She did however warn me that it may take time as they will try to find a lift with one of the area managers to speed up the process. Now that really is proof to me that as their logo says … ” Sheet Street loving your home “logo





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I will be embarking on a new venture very soon but details about that specifically will follow shortly . In the meantime I am preparing my work space in readiness for this. This called for some painting to freshen up this old shelf .DSCN0788IMG-20130501-00337

My prep was a sugar soap wash followed by a light sanding. I then used Genkem 3 in 1 universal and applied 2 thin coats using a foam roller. I did a final coat using Genkem Santex which is a semi gloss acrylic enamel. This was my first time using Genkem paint products which I bought from Jack’s Hardware and I must admit to being quite impressed with the product !IMG-20130519-00356

Have a great week !


I WON !!


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On a Friday afternoon a few weeks ago my phone rang and oddly I answered despite it being a private number. Much to my delight it was a lady from Nola phoning to inform met that I had won in a SMS to win competition run in the Fairlady Magazine in conjunction with Nola. The prize was a hamper of Nola products and a R1000 Pick n Pay voucher. Fast forward to today and look what was delivered by DHL this morning !!!!!  DSCN0795

A big thanks to all the competition sponsors and a reminder to all my readers that you cannot win if you don’t enter ! Have a  lovely day .

Weekend Warrior


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So this weekend the Significant Other decided it was time to sling on the tool belt and set about repairing some water  damage the house had suffered last winter. Apparently PE had been having more than the average winter rainfall and to make matters worse a roof leak which had never  became apparent and then the water actually then seeped into the wall. This also cause damage to the Supawood skirting, leaving it all to look like this…………………………………………….

As you can see this is not an ideal situation and even to a lesser degree in ones living room where it mocks you everyday. So it was the usual course of action in this type of situation which is a quick sand followed but some spackle (or crack filler) then a light sanding and a fresh coat of paint . Obviously observing the required drying times between events. After using all the brand name spackle/ crack filler we have actually decided that the Builders Warehouse house brand does the job just as well ! So now it all looks like this

The total work time for this project was very little but it was definitely a niggly job that was postponed due to general household laziness. So happy its done and dusted !! Have a lovely week

Sheer Curtains


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I was just wondering today if this is the only household were all the seams on the sheers needed repairs? I took these down this week to give them a wash and noticed why they always had been feeling a bit scraggly.  It was due to the fact that  they all had one of more seam that had come undone. I wonder how though ….kids , pets ????

clean shers
Anyway I got out the sewing kit and got stuck in with the repairs and I now feel they look as good as new. Sometimes its really these small 10 minute jobs which seem like so much work but aren’t that can save one from having to buy new . 
seam completely undone .